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Lightning Prediction and Warning Systems

WARNING SIREN SOUNDS FOR 15 SECOND, AND YELLOW STROBE LIGHT FLASHES CONTINUOUSLY means the potential for a lightning strike is approaching your location.  Find shelter immediately in a nonconvertible automobile or inside a building.

YELLOW STROBE LIGHT CONTINUES TO FLASH AND NO SIREN means there is still a threat of a lightning strike in the area, remain in a safe place.

THREE BLASTS OF THE SIREN AND STROBE LIGHT TURNS OFF is the all-clear signal.  The potential for lightning has passed and all activities may resume.

WHAT DOES THE WARNING SIREN SOUND LIKE?  Click here: THOR GUARD Lightning Prediction System


The THOR GUARD Lightning Prediction System predicts when conditions indicate the potential for a lightning strike; it will give a warning eight to 20 minutes in advance of a potential strike, so that participants and staff can take shelter.  In a developing storm, the unique prediction technology of THOR GUARD evaluates the dynamics of the electrical energy within the atmosphere.  When is senses the potential for a lightning strike, THOR GUARD will sound a 15 second warning siren and the strobe light on top of the unit will go off.  The strobe light stays on as long as there is danger of a potential strike. Staff and patrons must seek shelter immediately (in a building or non-convertible automobile).

When the potential for lightning has passed, THOR GUARD sounds three (3) blasts of the siren and the strobe light turns off.  This may be as soon as 10 minutes after the system has gone off.

THOR GUARD PROCEDURE for when the THOR GUARD sounds the alarm:

1.  All activities stop.
2.  Staff and patrons should find shelter immediately in a nonconvertible automobile or building, even if the weather appears not to be threatening.
3.  Picnic shelters, without walls, are not suitable lightning shelters, as lightning can strike at an angle.
4.  If adult participants refuse to seek shelter, staff should seek shelter themselves.
5.  At no time should staff put themselves at risk.

When the THOR GUARD sounds the all-clear and the strobe light goes off, all activities may resume.  Supervisors and employees who work outside should listen to current weather forecasts the morning of any planned outdoor activities so that employees can be alert to changing weather conditions.  If the sky looks threatening, staff should still monitor the weather via the radio, weather radio and any information supplied by park police.

If thunder is heard, or lightning is spotted, and THOR GUARD does not go off, patrons and staff should still seek shelter immediately.  Patrons and staff should not go out again until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder is heard or lightning is seen.