Lake Zurich Flames Youth Football And Cheerleading
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Program:  Lake Zurich Flames offers both Sideline Competitive and Game Only Cheerleading programs.  Programs are available for girls and boys from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  The team composition changes from year to year based on enrollment figures. 

Cheer Costs:  Costs of participating in cheer are broken out between Registration, Uniforms, Warm ups, and Shoes.  In addition to the program costs, each team collects money for a team fund (gifts, parties, etc.).  These amounts are determined by each team based on their plans but generally range from $20-$50.

Game Cheer Costs:  SPARKS, GRADES KINDERGARTEN - 2nd  Registration Fee: $245 Uniform Fee: Included in your registration fee. Crop (long sleeve shirt for under uniform) and Spanx (shorts for under uniform) are required at your own cost of approximately $50.  Warmup Fee:  Black leggings are required for cold games (athletes supply their own).  Hoodies are required for cold games and are inluded in your registration fee.  Shoe Fee: White cheer shoes are required and cost $32-$100 depending on the style you select.  
Wait List: Game Cheer fills up fast! We allow a limited amount of athletes due to practice space and uniform availability.  If you are wait listed for this team you will be notified after the first week of practice if a spot has opened up.

Practice for Sparks: Two week nights at Knox Park. Monday and Wednesday from 5pm-6pm.
Sideline Competition Cheer Costs:  FLASH, FLARE, HEAT, BLAZE & INFERNO Grades 2nd-8th  Registration Fee: $675
Uniform Fee*: $260 for a 2 piece uniform.  The uniform style will remain the same for 3 years and therefore can be worn multiple seasons.  A game day tank/shirt will be provided through your registration fee.   Warmup Fee*: Warm Up Zip up jacket at your own cost approximately $80.00  Black leggings can be worn under the skirt on cold days.  The warmup style will remain the same for 3 years and therefore can be worn multiple seasons.  Shoe Fee:  2 pairs of white cheer shoes are required (one for games and one for competitions) and cost $32-$100 depending on the style you select.  *PLEASE NOTE:  If your child has  a uniform from the 2022 Fall Season, you do not need to repurchase these items.
Wait List: When you are wait listed for a Comp team, you are just waiting to know which team you will be on while registration is open through May 4th.  Grades and teams can be mixed due to registration numbers.  If there is not enough intrest at one particular grade level to create a team, that team will be eliminated for the season if it cannot be combined with another grade. 

Practice:  Sideline Competition Cheer will practice two days per week and Saturday.  These teams will also cheer every other weekend at Knox Park for Football games through November  If you are cheering that is considered your weekend practice. 

All athletes are required to attend practice unless they are excused.  An excused absence is one approved by the Coach due to illness or family emergency.   Coaches need to be informed 1 day prior to an absence or in the morning before practice in order for it to be excused.  Cheer is a TEAM sport therefore all athletes need to be present.  Consecutive tardiness or missed practices will cause your athlete to lose their position in the routine or team.

CHOREOGRAPHY:  12 hours of choreography are required for all Competition Teams.   Choreography normally takes place over 4 days.  Specific dates and times will be confirmed at registration.  It is MANDATORY to attend choreography.

Camp:  ICA offers a three day cheer camp in June for all athletes in 5th grade and up.  Cost is normally $475 and includes practice attire, transportation, meals, and lodging.  Note:  If 4th graders are on a 5th grade team they may also attend Camp.

Games:  All games will be on Saturday.  Each team will have a time slot for Saturday at Knox.  This will remain the same for the Season. There will be opportunities to Cheer on Sundays as well or an additional Saturday game occassionally.  Those additional games will be optional but we STRONGLY suggest everyone attend.  Games are a great way for the athletes to practice in front of a crowd, work their jumps and motions and show off their stunts!  Plan on a football game every weekend from the end of August through mid-November. 

Competition:  Competition teams compete at 3 events during the fall. The registration fee includes the fees for all 3 of these competitions.  Competition dates will be posted as soon as they are determined.  NOTE:  ICA did increase their registration fee per athlete.  However, there will no longer be an entry fee for family members at competitions.

Please Note:  The cost to participate in the ICA State Championship is NOT included in the standard cheer registration fee.  When your team qualifies, there will be an additional cost per cheerleader of $165.  All spectators are free of charge.  There is a $10 cash only parking fee.  We will do a fundraiser to offset the cost of State fees for partcicipating families.

Tumbling:  Although separate tumbling lessons are not required to participate in Flames Cheerleading, it is highly recommended.  We strongly suggest that all athletes registered for any Flames team take tumbling classes.  There are several excellent gyms in the area that will do group or private classes.  These classes are at an additional cost to the family and not affiliated with the Flames program.