Lake Zurich Flames Youth Football And Cheerleading

What Equipment is provided by the Flames?

  • Helmet and Chinstrap
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Rib Protector (flack jacket)
  • White practice pants with blue belt
  • Blue game pants with blue belt
  • 2 knee pads
  • 1 pair of game socks (these are for your player to keep)

When do we get the equipment?

Equipment handout is typically around the middle of May each year.  This date can shift depending on when the equipment is returned from our refurbishing vendor.  You will receive emails from the Flames and we typically post on social media as well.

When is Equipment Returned?

Equipment return is the week after the Superbowl, usually the second week of November.  

What happens if I lose or do not return equipment?

You are responsible for returning all equpiment at the end of the season (minus the socks).  The equipment must be returned in good condition assuming normal wear and tear throughout the season.  If any equipment is missing the replacement cost is below.

Item Cost
Helmet $375
Chin Strap $20
Shoulder Pads $125
Pants (each) $60
Belt (each) $15
Knee Pads (each) $10