Lake Zurich Flames Youth Football And Cheerleading
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This is a guideline provided by Riddell, a leading manufacturer of helmets, including the ones used by the Flames. 

Inspect Helmet before each use:

  • Check for proper fit
  • Check for damage to liner and shell
  • Check for loose hardware
  • Check for damage to face mask

Never wear a damaged helmet.  Make your coach aware of any problems.

Check Head Size:
Use a tape measure for head circumference. Measure above the ears and about 1” above the eyebrows.

Helmet Size:

Helmet Size Head Circumference
X-Small 19"
Small 20"
Medium 21-22"
Large 22-23"




Four Steps in placing on helmet:

  1. Putting on Helmet:  Hold helmet with thumbs over the flap portion of the ear or ‘C’ pads and fingers pointing toward helmet top.  Bring helmet down toward head at slight angle with ear pads first touching the temples.  Bring Helmet straight down into position.
  2. Taking helmet off:  Hold helmet with thumbs over the flap portion of the ears pads and lift helmet straight off.
  3. Check for proper fit:  Place hands with fingers interlocked on top of helmet and press down.  Make sure the pressure is on the crown off the helmet not on the brow or front part.  Put on chin strap.  Helmet should fit comfortably and snug.  Check for twisting.  The skin on the forehead should move with the front pad or ‘sweatband’ portion of the helmet. If the helmet slides easily, try the next smaller size.  The helmet should fit so that the front edge is approximately 1” above the eyebrows
  4. Check ear or ‘C’ pads:  Ear Pads should feel firm against face.  If loose, change ear pads to thicker size.  If tight, change to thinner size.

Talk to your child’s coaches if you have any equipment issues but please do so prior to the first game.